Our Partners

Main Partners

Nobel Explorers

Nobel Explorers is a global STEAM community founded on the notion that students develop hard and soft skills when teaming with others to solve real-world problems and projects. Students collaborate with teammates from many locations, including other countries in our weekend program, guided by mentors who are industry experts. Students receive badges as they master skills, recognizing their ideas, progress and achievement.


QuantumCamp enables students to experience math and science in invigorating and meaningful ways. Quantum’s instructors connect students with guiding math and science principles. They launch experiments with a challenge or inquiry and guide students through lab work. Sessions conclude with a landing that allows students to share their findings, while instructors clarify and ground important concepts.

Specialized Partners

Mentored Pathways connects students with business leaders who act as personal mentors. The result: skills and a foundation to pursue their interests and reach their potential.

Expanse is an official partner of Polygence. Polygence is a Stanford-based selective research academy providing online research opportunities for high school students.

Socratic Arts uses a story-centered approach, immersing students in situations modeled after on-the-job experiences. Students learn the skills needed to be successful in their chosen field.

Mindprint is a self-paced online cognitive assessment measuring the ten cognitive skills most closely correlated to success in academics.

Engagement Analytics

Immersion Neuroscience uses an SaaS platform. Data from students’ smartwatches is used to measure their attention and the unconscious emotional responses to educational content.

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    Expanse© 2021 All Rights Reserved.