High School Optimized

Talent Development Accelerator

In addition to our middle school alternative, Expanse is launching a Talent Development Accelerator (TDA) for high school students. Our objective: To help teens create great lives for themselves.

Is TDA right for my teen?

Perhaps your teen is searching for a level of rigor and engagement that’s not currently provided by their high school experience. Maybe they’ve exhausted the creative programs in their school or local community. Or it could be that your student is more excited by great real-world projects than traditional curriculum. They feel the pull of the workforce, where new collar jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities and the startup world await them.

Sound familiar? Consider applying to the Talent Development Accelerator.

How does TDA personalize learning for my teen?

TDA will provide premium advisory services for teens who are ready to define their path—and explore it before college or career. After meeting with members of our founding team to create a journey map, your teen is able to bundle services, choosing from:

  • High-end academics anchored by Expanse’s Socratic thinking
  • Wellness programs that include life and psychological counseling
  • Entrepreneurial skills fostered by Mentored Pathways
  • New Collar (direct-to-workforce) training led by Socratic Arts
  • Research projects and internships in conjunction with Polygence
  • Premium academic advisory services, including college admissions counseling

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    Expanse© 2021 All Rights Reserved.