Expanse Is Now The Socratic Experience

Dear Parents, Students, and Supporters,

As of July 1, 2021, we are changing our name from Expanse to The Socratic Experience. The website won’t shift until later in the month, as we are developing a new visual look and feel, but we want to introduce you to the new name first.

The primary reason for the new name is to provide a public identity that more accurately reflects our most unique program feature. We find that when people talk about our program, they inevitably mention its distinctively Socratic nature. While other schools offer an occasional Socratic seminar, we provide the most consistent and deepest Socratic experience. Indeed, all of the schools I’ve created have featured Socratic Practice as a central component. Now, it’s time to highlight the highly distinctive and effective pedagogy that we practice.

The daily practice of thoughtfulness, civility, reflection, and constructive disagreement in the pursuit of the true, the good, and the noble are especially important in today’s world. Especially in our digital world, we may be becoming less reflective. As a result of partisan hostilities inflamed by digital echo chambers, we may be becoming less civil. With so many different interpretations of reality, we may be losing our confidence in rational, constructive solutions to problems.

Finally, the process of thinking for oneself ultimately helps young people develop a strong, personal voice based on thoughtful consideration of who they are and what they stand for.  Spending thousands of hours in intellectual dialogue, hearing arguments and counterarguments on countless different topics, they will grow up to be less easily manipulated. This personal strength is one of the greatest outcomes of Socratic experience.

So thank you for joining us in our next adventure as The Socratic Experience.

The name change will not affect the core of our program. However, we will offer even richer programming in the coming academic year.. 

Stay tuned for more announcements in August!

Have a happy and safe summer,

Michael Strong
Founder and CEO
The Socratic Experience

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