No Apologies. Just Affirmations.

Expanse guides and students reflect on the academic year

It’s typical at Expanse to share apologies and appreciations, and the last day of the semster was no exception. The students, who (mostly) wore cosplay – even our own Michael Strong dressed up – shared their thoughts on their Expanse experience. Here are some memorable comments:

It was just a great year for me.”

Francisco, Lead Guide

 “I appreciate you all for showing up. Thank you for your coming here with your best.”

Büşra, STEM Guide

“It’s been nice to be with great people. Thanks to Ms. Büşra for being an absolute icon . . . we love her!”

Maya, Expanse rising high school student

“I really appreciate you, Francisco. Büşra is probably the best math teacher I’ve had in my whole life.”

Quinn, Expanse middle school student


“It brings me great joy to talk about Greek anything with you, Francisco.”

Mae, Expanse high school student


To echo Francisco, it’s been a great year for all of us at Expanse. We’ve seen something start with just a few students at the end of 2020 and blossom into multiple pods. We continued to develop a Talent Development Accelerator for our high school students and create a Novice program for students ages 8-11, both of which will launch in September.


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