Coming in Fall 2021: The Novice Program

Who says Socratic learning isn’t for novices? In fall 2021, Expanse will offer a Novice program for students ages 8-11. According to founder Michael Strong, “We have prospective parents who love our program positioning and want a similar program for younger students. In the Novice program, we still align philosophically and pedagogically with the existing program but provide special features for the younger crowd.”¬†

Highlights of the day will include:

  • Community-building, council practice and presentations to promote honesty, empathy and interpersonal accountability 
  • Socratic discussions to practice critical and analytic dialogue across the curriculum
  • Writers’ workshops
  • Small-group, problem-based math and science sections to develop academic and executive skills
  • Individual mentoring to promote accountability and purpose
  • Guided offline experiences to foster real-world connection
  • Peer mentoring to promote leadership experience

For more on the Novice program, get in touch with Hart Robinson.

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