Making the Journey Worthwhile with Nobel Explorers

Let’s get to know Nobel Explorers, an online venture created by tech executive Andrew Sachs and his wife, a lifelong teacher.

Noble Explorers is an online community consisting mostly of middle school students. To date, over 600 students around the world have joined Nobel’s self-directed teams around the globe, building skills while working on coding, web design, board game design, AI chatbots, startups, robotics, negotiations and object-recognition systems. “Coding is a new literacy,” says Sachs. “It helps change how you think about things.”

Like the founding team here at Expanse, Sachs is convinced that students in the traditional education system are not learning the skills they need to succeed in life, especially how to cultivate connection, awareness and empathy. In contrast, when Nobel Explorers are left on their own, they manage—and we mean manage—to get things done. So while experienced teachers initially led sessions, Sachs switched things up in 2019, instead having peers teach peers. The student-driven system awards badges for excellence in soft skills such as collaboration, leadership, and creativity.  

Watch Nobel Explorers in action!

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