Meet Büşra, STEM Guide

Büşra (pronounced Boosh-RA) moved from Turkey to Santa Fe, NM, to study the Great Books at St. John’s College. Before coming to St. John’s, Büşra already knew about her interest in philosophy, literature, languages and music. Her enthusiasm for math and science, however, became more apparent as she found herself perusing pages of Newton’s Principia Mathematica. She was overjoyed to discover that calculus was so much more than formulae! Soon after, Büşra found herself helping peers understand mathematical concepts. Her interest in nature grew exponentially as she read through Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Through rediscovering the inner child who was genuinely interested in everything, Büşra became one of the most active students in STEM-related discussions. 

For Büşra genuine questions are gateways into a deeply-rooted quest for understanding. This, in fact, has become for her the basic principle of guiding anyone through the process of learning. Büşra is determined to be a lifelong learner who sparks a similar kind of desire in anyone she gets a chance to guide.

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