Meet Francisco, Expanse’s Lead Socratic Guide

As a student, Francisco hated school. He skipped classes, slept during class, and did everything but the traditional study-test-repeat cycle of traditional education. Despite all of this, Francisco also loved learning. He was the middle schooler with Milton’s Paradise Lost, Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, and a poetry scrapbook under his arm.  He always welcomed a good conversation (even if it was during class) and loved to tinker with computers.  

When Francisco graduated high school, he was at a crossroads. He wanted to continue learning, but every place he knew that was meant for “learning” was boring and unimaginative. Resolved to solve that problem, he became a high-school teacher, which he had once vowed never to become. He was a 17-year-old pretending to be 23 teaching other 17-year-olds the very same classes he had often slept through. 

Determined not to bore himself and others, he broke every teaching rule. His classes seemed chaotic; there were no rows, no tests, very few assignments, and lots of chatter. Unsurprisingly, he and his students learned to love learning. They shared ideas, read books together and built very cool things.  He eventually got caught and was awarded the “Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award” at his school. With this,  Francisco realized that his life mission was to continue to create great environments of learning, even if it meant breaking some rules. 

Four years of teaching later, he enrolled and graduated from St. John’s College, a headquarters for people who love books and ideas. He has also taught courses to bright rule-breakers in China, England, and interned at Academy of Thought and Industry with Michael Strong, founder of Expanse. His next mission is to help turn Expanse into the best learning community in the world.

His next mission: to help turn Expanse into the best learning community in the world.

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